Geotechnical Survey

Geotechnical Survey Services

What is a Geotechnical Survey?

We provide a comprehensive range of geotechnical consultancy to the oil and gas industry, telecoms, government agencies, and civil engineering companies. A routine geotechnical project ideally begins with a survey of underlying seabed soils and rocks. Knowledge of seabed soils and rocks is essential to properly and safely design, build, and install offshore, onshore and near-shore facilities.
We have the capability of providing different sorts of the Geotechnical survey, including Grab Samplers, Gravity Cores, CPT, Box Core, and Vibrocore. We are strategically partnered with some testing laboratories to provide you with mobile and onshore testing facilities. All of our geotechnical laboratories comply with current ASTM standards.
How We Can Serve You

Our Geotechnical Survey Services Include: