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What is a Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)?

When you need to recover data from your underwater sensors, you need to deploy an Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV). In the past, recovering data required you to deploy a manned team via boat and then diving down to your underwater sensors. This is an outdated method and one that is both expensive and dangerous. That’s why we offer USV services, so you can recover the necessary data from your underwater sensors in a safer and more cost effective way. A USV is also key in reducing your carbon footprint in the ocean environment which can help you further your environmental cause.
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Our USV Services Include:

Service Process

Integrity Geo is registered on and available for hire through the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX). As a registered NipeX service provider, you can find us listed on the NipeX platform for purposes of proposal submission, evaluation, and contract award. We are registered, audited, and live on NipeX for all opportunities within the services we offer.