QAQC Consultancy

QAQC Consultancy Services

What is QAQC Consultancy?

Our Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) consultancy serves the oil and gas industry. We manage the seismic and site surveys process from start to finish including any daily follow-up. We employ highly qualified consultants who serve your organization with the utmost integrity and superior service. Our consultants are experienced with a wide range of software and reporting tools for various seismic operations.
All of our consultants are regular onshore/offshore workers and hold valid medical and survival certificates. Our consultants are covered by our insurance and MEDEVAC policies while under contract
How We Can Serve You

Our QAQC Consultancy Services Include:

  • Project management
  • Marine seismic acquisition QC/QA
  • Navigation processing QC/QA & surveying
  • Seismic data processing & QC/QA for marine
  • Marine technical audits
  • 4D seismic
  • Project management
  • Land seismic acquisition QC/QA
  • Positioning QC/QA & surveying
  • Seismic data processing & QC/QA
  • Technical audits for land
  • Land HSSE QC
  • Marine HSSE QC
  • HSSE audits
  • HSSE regulatory framework
  • HSSE used by The Geo People
  • MMO
  • PSO & SO
  • PAM
  • FLO
  • QC for site/hazard surveys
  • MMO for site/hazard surveys
  • Processing & interpretation
  • Land & marine field processing QC
  • Post-acquisition processing QC supervision
  • Specialist processing projects
  • Stratigraphic & quantitative interpretation

Available in-house Software Products

  • GeoMetis MX
  • GeoMetis BX
  • GeoMetis PXCheck
  • FGPS SeisPOS
  • FGPS P1Tools
  • FGPS SEGY Tools
  • FGPS SurvUtil
  • Shearwater Reveal
  • RedEx Pro
  • Halliburton ProMAX
  • GLOBE Claritas
  • Paradigm Echos
  • Schlumberger Vista
  • CheckPoint
  • MultiSeis
  • MultiSeis Tracker
  • MultiStudio QC
  • MultiSeis Project Manager
  • PAMGuard
  • PAMGuard
  • CheckPoint
  • GPSeismic
  • FGPS SurvUtil
  • GeoMetis
  • SPSCheck
  • ArcGIS
  • ArcPAD
  • ArcVIEW (compatible with GPSeismic)

Service Process

Integrity Geo is registered on and available for hire through the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX). As a registered NipeX service provider, you can find us listed on the NipeX platform for purposes of proposal submission, evaluation, and contract award. We are registered, audited, and live on NipeX for all opportunities within the services we offer.