Geotechnical Survey

Geotechnical Survey Services

What is a Geotechnical Survey?

Using advanced sensors, we provide the accurate geophysical and geotechnical data required to identify and avoid potential geohazards as well as soil conditions that show the structural integrity and performance of a jack-up rig, barge, platform, or pipeline.
Integrity operates a large pool of up-to-date survey equipment and software to provide fast and cost-effective mobilizations.
How We Can Serve You

Our Geotechnical Survey Services Include :

Service Process

Integrity Geo is registered on and available for hire through the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX). As a registered NipeX service provider, you can find us listed on the NipeX platform for purposes of proposal submission, evaluation, and contract award. We are registered, audited, and live on NipeX for all opportunities within the services we offer.