Metocean Services

Metocean Services

What are Metocean Services?

Integrity Geoscience provides high-quality Metocean services to the oil and gas industry, ports and harbour authorities, telecommunication companies, government agencies, and engineering firms. We utilize a wide range of Metocean equipment such as wave and current meters, tide gauges, and meteorological stations to gather detailed hydrological information within the proposed project area. With a large inventory of owned equipment and experienced personnel, we provide services both onshore and offshore, in deep sea and coastal environments.
Integrity offers real-time data display through bespoke web applications. Data collection is conducted by utilizing a variety of techniques depending on the site and is tailored to the specific project requirements. Our Metocean data analysis platform makes viewing data simple, fast, and accurate which gives you the ability to make a critical decision at ease; based on real-time technical data and analysis.
How We Can Serve You

Our Metocean Services Include:

Service Process

Integrity Geo is registered on and available for hire through the Nigerian Petroleum Exchange (NipeX). As a registered NipeX service provider, you can find us listed on the NipeX platform for purposes of proposal submission, evaluation, and contract award. We are registered, audited, and live on NipeX for all opportunities within the services we offer.